Word-count goals, page-count goals, accountability groups, and winter
Celebrating every single tiny milestone
This is not how I usually do it
Organizing my writing life, part two
An easy entry into the new year, and an overhaul of my submissions spreadsheet

December 2022

It is the shortest, darkest day of the year. I have been drawing a tarot card every day and reading its entry from Jessica Dore’s Tarot for Change, and…
Places I've gone while working on this novel
In May, I advocated for a pretty radical change in my life. I wanted one day a week of childcare but no work, so that I could prioritize my writing. It…

November 2022

A craft technique from Charles Baxter
A simple strategy for figuring out what comes next
Playing with an idea and would love to hear your thoughts

October 2022

Another collaborative novel planning session in the books, this one with pimento cheese (very helpful for brainstorming), the Northern Spy (RIP) kale…