What’s this about?

I’m currently at work on my third novel and I’m documenting the process via weekly emails.

When I started my first novel (which is currently one of those novels-in-a-drawer most writers have), I had no idea how long it would take — or that getting to a finished first draft was basically the 200-yard mark in a marathon.

I went into my second novel with what I thought were eyes wide open and still encountered so many surprises along the way.

This time, I understand my process enough to think about it from the outside, and I figured that might be interesting or valuable to others, especially people who are engaged in similar creative pursuits.

If hearing about someone else’s writing life — the successes, the failures, and all the fuzziness in between — sounds interesting to you, sign up!

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Shayne Terry

Writer with work in American Chordata, Catapult, Electric Literature, TriQuarterly, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and elsewhere. Working on the next novel.